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Повышение цены!

Уважаемые клиенты,

поставщик сырья известил нас о повышении цены. В связи с этим, мы вынуждены, с 1 декабря повысить наши отпускные цены.
Надеемся на Ваше понимание и благодарим Вас за сотрудничество.

2022 Inflationary Pressure & Price Increase Notification

17th November 2021

We trust that this note finds you, your families and co-workers safe and well. Please accept this communication as an effort by Luxfer Graphic Arts to be as open and transparent as possible regarding the current supply of our raw materials and the inflationary pressure in which we find ourselves under.
As we all slowly recover from the global pandemic, we at Luxfer Graphic Arts understand that the global supply chain is very different from pre pandemic times with inflation and raw material costs rising almost daily. In addition, the strains in global logistics and shipping, has given extended lead times that are impacting not only our supply chain but many of the goods we all take for granted on a daily basis.
Our team is working hard to ensure that our supply chain delays are kept to a minimum, although many of the complications we are currently witnessing are beyond our control. We aim to keep you informed of extended product lead time if that may occur and we feel that continual communication is essential to keeping our customers satisfied. Please reach out to your Luxfer Graphic Arts sales representative if you need information regarding your order status.
Unfortunately, with the recent escalation in raw material costs and given the unforeseen situation regarding pure magnesium which has risen to unprecedented highs, together with a substantial increase in cost of labor and benefits, we have no option but to increase our pricing with effect from the 1st of December.
• Magnesium increased by 15%
• Chemicals and additives increased by 15%
• Copper increased by 15%
• Brass increased by 20-40 %
Thank you for your support and understanding and we apologize for the somewhat short notice however we are increasingly seeing suppliers change pricing at point of order and are left with little option.

С Уважением,
Игорь Миронич
Генеральный директор
8 800 555 77 18 (бесплатные звонки со всей России с любых телефонов, 24 часа)


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Тел: 8 800 555 77 18
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